Safety Officer

Role and Responsibilities

  • To assist site personnel to identify and assess any foreseeable risk arising from workplace and processes.
  • To recommend and implement workplace reasonably practicable measures or safe work procedures, minimizing risk and risk controlling
  • To investigate any incidents/ accidents and advise on remedial measures to prevent any recurrences
  • Ensure all ordinances or orders bearing on occupational safety, health and environmental are in compliance with the regulations.
  • To work closely with relevant authorities on safety and health measures
  • Coordinate emergency preparedness drills
  • Assist to organize safety awareness campaigns, trainings and activities
  • Measure and monitor the WSH performance of the project and discuss WSH performance in meetings
  • Conduct Environmental, Health and Safety Audits as per requirements
  • Ad hoc duties as assigned.


  • Possess at least a specialist diploma in WSH or any workplace safety and health related certifications.
  • MOM Registered WSH officer for at least 3 years.
  • This position will require candidate to be on a 6 day work week.


28 Kian Teck Drive or any other site assigned