Deputy Construction Manager


    • Monitor, record and report all site activities, workers, machineries and material delivered to site.
    • Responsible to inspect and record all respective works and ensure construction works are in compliance to construction drawings, details, specifications, work method statements, and good construction practices at site.
    • Assist to review contractor’s shop drawings (M&E), comment and liaison with consultants for timely approval.
    • To issue site memo and NCR whenever non-compliance from contractors arises.
    • Attend to any site matter arises and coordinate with the resident engineer, contractor, and consultants for prompt solution.
    • Responsible to ensure construction works at site are completed as per approved programme, construction sequence and within expected quality standards i.e. QLASSIC/CONQUAS
    • Responsible to coordinate with other Clerk of Works for works that inter-phase with other trades.
    • Assist in verifying completion of work in relation to stage billing as per KPKT’s Schedule G/H of SPA.
    • Responsible to ensure proper site documentation / filing system in place for easy keeping & retrieval of all incoming / outgoing correpondences, drawings , document & etc
    • Actively participate on site related matters, including site meeting, site walk, inspection, site coordination and etc.
    • Involve in any site valuation / assessment with CQS, contractors, and contract dept.
    • Assist in vacant possession & handing over activities with purchasers whenever required


    • Bachelor’s degree in architecture, civil engineering, construction management or related field
    • Minimum 12 years working experience in high rise building and infrastructure works.
    • Project management skills such as time management, project budgeting, resource management and project scheduling
    • Fluency in software programs related to construction management, including project management software


Kota Tinggi, Johor