BIM Manager


    • Working closely with project management team to initiate, implement and monitor workplans.
    • Develop concepts to technical and detailed working drawings.
    • Prepare authorities’ submission drawings, forms and documents.
    • Prepare design and construction documentation.
    • Handle project coordination.
    • Plan, organise and supervise the production of submission drawings and construction drawings.
    • Ensure projects are completed in accordance to internal guidelines and compliance with the relevant government regulatory requirement.
    • Coordinate BIM use on project, determine schedule of use, sharing activities, quality control, modelling responsibilities and documentation in BIM Execution Plan
    • Formulate BIM strategy with Project Manager
    • Map BIM use for discipline specific design
    • Determine BIM use for design simulations, analysis and documentation
    • Identify analysis tools that are interoperable with BIM


    • Diploma / Degree in Mechanical/Electrical Engineering/Building Construction
    • 15 years hands-on working experience in M&E design coordination shop drawings / CSD / CBD / BIM Model and CAD drafting capable.
    • Certification in BIM Management from BCA is preferred.
    • Have high level of competency of BIM software through continued use, training, and assistance to project teams.
    • Good Knowledge and experience with Singapore Authority submission, BIM Standards Authority and Authority submission process.
    • Understand legislations on M&E works.
    • Great leadership skills and able to communicate well with the team and stakeholders.

    Location: Tuas